0.25 Hi-Vacuum



  • Vactech Surgical Suction unit meets the requirements of all surgical fields of applications.
  • The Suction unit runs on oil immersed Rotary Vane vacuum pump and thermally protected vacuum pump motor.
  • The unit having stainless steel cabinet mounted on antistatic castor wheels.
  • The suction unit is provided with two Autoclavable/Unbreakable collection jars made from high quality polycarbonate material.
  • The collection jars have self sealing rubber lids.
  • Vacuum can be adjusted with the help of vacuum regulator and vacuum gauge.
  • Safety float prevents entry of suction fluid in the pump in case of overfilling.
  • A special bacteria filter ensures zero contamination and thus prevents infection.


Vacuum 710 mm of Hg
Capacity 40LPM
Power 80 watts
Noise Level <50dB
Power Supply 220/230 V AC
Collection Jars 1.5 Liters * 2 Nos
Mains Cable 2.5 Meters
Length Width Height
490 315 730